Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's funny how we learn words to spell and remember them.  I have a list as long as my arm about how to spell this word or the other.  Some are really simple, others more difficult.  Then there are those stories which come unbidden along with certain words (look at doughnuts).

Just for kicks, today I thought to share a few.    


  • Together—This one's simple.  To Get Her.  But every damn time.  That gets annoying after a bit.
  • Doughnuts—I was in scouting when I was younger. We were planning a camp out and everyone wanted doughnuts for a meal.  When the boy writing the list asked how to spell it, one kid said "dog nuts" and he wrote it down as such.  Ever since then, I've thought "doughnuts", spelled "dog nuts" and had to correct it.
  • Mortgage—For years, I couldn't spell this word, then it hit.  Mort Gage.  Now that's all I hear.
  • Medieval—There was an old Playstation game called Medi-Evil. That stuck so, I just replace the correct vowels
  • Principal—I misspell this often in order to get it correct.  Misspelled in my head (Prince E Pal) but correct on the page.  Go figure.
  • Receive—I before E, Except after C or sounding like A as in Neighbor and Weigh.  So what the hell receive?  Re Ce Eve
  • Duct Tape—Sorry, growing up where I did, this is and shall forever be Duck Tape. 

What words stick out in your head and why?


  1. This is funny and fun, Nick! :) Love the list. I do this with most words although I can't say I really thought about where the particular mnemonic devices came from for each word.

    1. Mnemonic devices! That's the wording I was looking for!

      We all have fun with them don't we?